Created by an expert hair artist with 42 years of experience, Ms Maude is a natural and Organic Australian haircare product range that ACTUALLY WORKS to create beautifully – nourished, silken hair.

  1. Actually works to create beautiful, silken hair.
  2. Haircare with anti-ageing properties.
  3. No harmful chemicals.
  4. Created by an industry expert.
  5. Australian wellness brand.
  6. As a hairdresser and hair artist I have worked with Sydney women for 42 years, creating beautiful silken hair. I know what works and what doesn’t work, and I have seen the positive impact on not only hair but overall health by switching to a natural and organic lifestyle.

About MS Maude Jennifer

Answering your needs

Ms Maude saw a huge gap in the market for a natural easy to use hair care range. Hairdressers & their clients were complaining that they couldn’t get shampoo and conditioner out of bottles because of complicated and difficult packaging with some other high-end brands.

Ms Maude kept the packaging simple. No wastage & colour saving.

All bad additives have been kept out of Ms Maude products, however, they are very nourishing and will make your hair and skin feel like silk.

MS Maude Products

Fragrance Free

For those with sensitivities or who want to be extra mindful. Ms Maude is natural as can be and your choice to be even more natural is to choose our FRAGRANCE FREE range


Eco natural hair care

Your Product

Eco Shampoo + Eco Conditioner
Eco Treatment / Conditioner
Fragrance Free Shampoo + conditioner
Eco Detangler
Volumising Shampoo + conditioner + Volumising Powder / Dry Shampoo
Your Hair Type

Normal Hair
Coloured / Chemically Treated
Curly / Frizzy
Dry/Ageing Hair
Highly coloured / lightened hair
Chemically treated dry & damaged
Keratin. amino smoothing
Thick. frizzy
Sensitivities, irritations to fragrances
Knotty, long coloured, dry, children
Keeps the moisture in the hair
during the day
Non – coloured

All ranges suitable for Keratin, Amino, Brazillian Smoothing treated hair, Hair Extensions, All colour safe. Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Eco-Vanilla Bean + Cinamon. Volumising – Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood

All other Ms Maude products are essential oils

There are 3 types of fragrances manufacturers generally use in their products – Synthetic Perfumes. Fragrant oils – still synthetic. Essential Oils are distilled typically by steam or water from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots or other plant parts. Essential Oils contain the true Aromatic Essence of the plants and offer many therapeutic benefits that span beyond their pleasant aroma.

Natural, sulfate, paraben free

A lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon with natural products, however, all they have done is take everything out. Their products can make the hair feel like straw and the skin dry and irritated.

Ms Maude has filled her products with natural goodness – certified Organic ingredients. We choose to use Australian Botanical ingredients because of their antioxidant and anti – ageing properties

For Ms Maude, natural and healthy is a lifestyle and born from wanting to make a difference and to promote natural, healthy, high self-esteem for strong beautiful women and men.

So choose Ms Maude natural Eco Shampoo and Conditioner Fragrance-Free or Ms Maude with Essential oil fragrance using natural Basil and Spearmint. Add Ms Maude Body Wash with Lilly Pilly antioxidant, Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon

Natural Hair and Body Care

Designed, developed, and made in SYDNEY Australia,

using Certified Organic ingredients

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